Monday, 29 February 2016

London Trip

Recently, we went to London for a short visit.  It was overwhelming in the beginning because it was going to be our first time to go to London and not really sure what to expect especially with a toddler.  Booking the flight not only involved finding the cheapest but also the most convenient airport.  Eventually we decided to go with EasyJet through Gatwick Airport.  Then of course we had to find a place to stay in for a couple of nights.  Again we had to figure out which one would suit our needs best in terms of affordability, closeness to the places that we wanted to see, caters for a family and so on and so forth.  We decided on staying at Premier Inn which turned out great as it met all our requirements plus, all the places that we wanted to go to were just walking distance away from it.  Then we realized, we also had to plan our transportation from the airport to London.  By train was the best choice which was also a bit overwhelming because there's so many different ways to get from point A to point B.  Eventually decided, Gatwick Express would be the simplest way to go for us.  Upon arriving at the Victoria station in London, it was quite difficult figuring out the tube for the first time with a toddler that was getting impatient, so we just took a cab from there to the hotel.

I could go on and on but overall, we had a great time in London and would love to go back again.  To summarize, I made a couple of videos of the trip below and hope you enjoy!

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